Fraud Triangle Analytics

You will identify fraud triangle red-flags to prevent and detect corporate fraud

Early Detection

You can associate human behaviors with fraud triangle vertices, to generate early alerts

Artificial Intelligence

You will emulate the deductions of a certified human expert in corporate fraud examinations

Analytics and Big Data

You can perform Descriptive analytics through horizontal and vertical analysis with high volume data

Fraud Triangle

You will support all your analysis through the Fraud Triangle theory created by Donald Cressey

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Preventing Fraud

Detecting suspicious behavior in your organization, which according to the Fraud Triangle theory, could lead to the materialization of a corporate fraud

  • Corruption, conflicts of interest, bribery, illegal gratuities
  • Assets misappropriation, theft of cash, fraudulent disbursements
  • Financial fraud, fraudulent financial reporting, espionage
  • Organizational abuse, defamation, data leakage, toxicity
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Classifying Behaviors

Conducts expressed by people in real time which can be associated to the Fraud Triangle theory

  • Pressure, events that motivate an individual to commit fraud
  • Opportunity, provide an individual with assurance to commit fraud
  • Rationalization, habits of reasoning themselves as honest people
  • Arrogance, attitude to show superiority or advance over others
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Making decisions

Use horizontal, vertical, and diagonal analytics to compile, display, and analyze behavioral information

  • Harvest and generate behavioral data through remote agents
  • Visualize information in graphs with data aggregations
  • Set alerts for suspicious conduct based on the fraud triangle
  • Decide based on inferences from the artificial intelligence
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Press Room

Antifraud international recognitions, awards, conferences and meetups


You will benefit implementing the theory of Fraud Triangle through digital method

What is the fraud

It is a theory created by
Donald Cressey, an American
criminalistic, which tries to
explain the factors that influence
people to commit fraud as follows:
Pressure, opportunity and

Endpoint attributes

You will collect all data that employees express or produces in collaborative tools for further analysis

Behavioral analysis

You will analyze behaviors vertically and horizontally, including metrics, reports, tables and graphs

How does it deepens
on a specific behavior?

Endpoints generate Big Data
which is sent to an analytics
platform to be analyzed and
classified according to people’s
behavior and contextualized in a
corporate environment.

How is the fraud

Once the behaviors have been
collected and classified as pressure,
opportunity and rationalization in
the analytics platform, they are ranked
according to the ACFE’s red flags
as high, medium and low risk of
corporate fraud

Artificial Intelligence

You will automatically receive inferences from an expert system that emulates a fraud examiner

You will professional excel making the difference with your new skills to prevent and detect fraud and abuse. You will make it happens!


This is the most important thing to understand. Check out the functionalities here

The most important functional factors and concepts

  1. Client/server architecture, with PC, Mobile and PBX endpoints that capture phrases in corporate applications. These phrases are sent to the analytics server to be later stored in a database and run the algorithm on it according to the fraud triangle.

  2. The generation of events, alerts, advanced reports, deductions, inferences and administration of the phrase’s library are part of its main functionalities, along with the dashboard, analytics and rule management, which are oriented 100% to the fraud triangle.

  3. Business functionalities such as multi-company, multi-role, secure authentication, encryption, backups, record keeping, endpoint management, metrics, departmentalization, API REST, marking of false positives, workflows, definition of criticality and concentration of the entire operation on the Web platform.

  • Dashboard. Top50 dashlets on endpoints, alerts and charts
  • Alerts. By pressure, opportunity and rationalization
  • Endpoints. Management and administration of installed endpoints
  • Analytics. Visualization of the consolidated data in graphs

The Fraud Explorer optimizes resources to prevent and detect unethical behavior related to fraud, corruption and organizational abuse

Marta Cadavid

AML Consultant, Certified Fraud Examiner

The Fraud Explorer is an FTA (Fraud Triangle Analytics) software focused on the discovery of corporate, corruption and organizational abuse frauds

Julián Ríos

NF S.A.S President, Certified Fraud Examiner

The Fraud Explorer with many researchers are opting for fraud prescription techniques through the sentiment analysis in text using semantics

Santiago Acosta

NF S.A.S internal and audit control consultant

Customers who currently use our software solution and the methodolgy are the best sellers to us through their great and real experiences.

Daniela Echavarria

Marketing Manager, Business Administration at NF S.A.S

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It is not only a tool, we are a team with certified antifraud consultants by ACFE

DIY Model (Do It Yourself)
This version includes:
Full functionality
Documentation & instructions
Without customizations
Without Support/warranty
345 library expressions
$5k /usd year
Base price, custom quote
Subscription includes:
On-site/private cloud deployment
Antifraud consulting
Delegated management
From 1k to 80k expressions
$149 /usd month
Fraud Triangle Webservice
Service scope:
Unlimited REST queries
FTA insights delivery
Full phrase library
Tone detection
Technical Support

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